Matt Rahman

Matt Rahman, COO

Chief Operating Officer


As COO for IOActive, Matt Rahman is responsible for co-developing the company strategy and managing the execution of all global business operations. A seasoned executive with over three decades of experience providing IT and cybersecurity solutions to enterprise and industrial clients, Matt returns to IOActive, to provide clear go-to-market leadership for IOActive.

Prior to returning to IOActive, Matt served as SVP, and General Manager of Commercial Services at Tangible Security, where he was responsible for the division’s earnings, strategy, channel, and operations. During his first engagement with IOActive, he served as chief strategy officer and EVP, rolling out Internet of Things, medical device, automobile, and other industry-driven solutions and services; increasing revenue, profitability and operational efficiencies.

He has also spent time building and managing strategic alliances, and leading business development, while at Damballa, Solutionary, and IBM’s Internet Security Systems (ISS).

He serves as an advisory board member at IKANOW, in addition to his board positions at Indegy, Ellipsis, Aunigma, Mach37, CyberLaunch, InfraGard and Evolution Academy. He is an adjunct professor of information security and a contributing member of CSA, ISSA, and HTCA. Rahman holds an MBA with a focus on Global Management from the New York Institute of Technology.