Proven Track Record in Security Consulting

If you have a business worth protecting, you’re likely under attack right now by determined, technically capable assailants. Adding a shiny new piece of hardware or software doesn’t solve the problem—there is no silver bullet. Partner with us, and we’ll help you establish best-in-class strategies and procedures, making you a very unattractive target for hackers.

We provide elite security services to Global 1000 companies across major industries. Our people are internationally recognized experts in a host of highly evolved security services including penetration testing, reverse engineering, code review, social engineering, and hardware security assessments.


We engage with your team in a one-on-one technical relationship. Our experience and thought leadership encompasses a broad range of capabilities, industries and disciplines, allowing us to arm your internal teams with the skills and perspective necessary to combat the latest attacker exploit. And, unlike massive consulting firms, we know you and your team, as well as your industry’s KPIs; we deliver services exactly to your specifications.

With proficiency far beyond off-the-shelf tools or remotely managed services, IOActive conducts in-depth analyses of information systems, software/hardware architecture, and source code using leading information risk management, security frameworks, and carefully focused threat models.

Our team of seasoned professionals carefully analyzes and maps out each engagement to ensure we deliver exceptional results on budget and on time.


All devices leak information

These weaknesses can be exploited to retrieve secrets or be reverse engineered. Major risks for vendors include theft of service, cloning by competitors, spoofing, and just plain bypassing the hardware’s security features to gain control of a system. With the swelling Internet-of-Things (IoT) tsunami, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

We know how to identify and eliminate these leaks. Requiring a highly specialized skillset—IOActive’s Hardware Lab houses the industry’s best and brightest. At this state-of-the-art facility, we’ve developed proprietary techniques to ensure accurate, cost-effective reverse engineering and analysis of semiconductors, integrated circuits and electronic systems, and wireless and cellular technologies, including embedded software and firmware. In addition to a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities, we deliver insights on technical innovations and competitive differentiation in circuit design and layout, device or system functionality, device structure and fabrication process, and package design.


Over 90 percent of all software contains security flaws

The critical questions you face are, how many and how severe? IOActive is committed to helping you produce high quality software by adopting a holistic programming approach that keeps you secure while maximizing your competitive advantage.

Our customized application and code auditing services are tailored to meet the requirements of each client’s development process. By approaching security as a continuous thread running throughout design, development, testing, and deployment phases, we help you create proactive, methodical, repeatable processes to detect and address risks before they become a problem.

Whether your concern is client-side web app security or server-side penetration testing—we’re the right partners to step in with counter measures for DDoS or DoS, content spoofing, or cross-site scripting attacks, plus server side penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and server hardening procedures.

For over 16 years we’ve helped a quarter of Business Week’s top 20 high technology companies ensure that software vulnerabilities are detected and addressed before resulting in lasting damage to their brands.


You know the weakest link in the security chain is the human link

You may not know that social engineered attacks can cost companies hundreds of thousands per incident, and nearly half of all companies have been victimized. We’ll help you uncover and correct expensive human security gaps. We provide social engineering-focused security awareness training, physical penetration testing, and red team engagements where we take the point-of-view of an adversary or competitor.


Pilfering of PII causes debilitating losses and massive fines

Security breaches resulting in the pilfering of Personal Identifying Information (PII) or any other data can cause a debilitating loss of consumer confidence, shareholder value, and generate massive fines. We help determine what could go wrong upfront—and then assist with strategies to prevent or minimize potential threats.

We understand you’re inundated with critical information, business drivers, and requirements, so we collaborate with you to create a path that’s practical and customized to your needs and industry.

We stand behind our satisfaction guarantee.Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations with our deliverables and focus on customer service. As a result, our client retention is over 90 percent.