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Disclosures | ADVISORIES | June 21, 2024

IOActive Security Advisory | MásMóvil Comtrend Router –  Multiple Vulnerabilities

Affected Products MásMóvil Comtrend Router – Version: ES_WLD71-T1_v2.0.201820HW Version: GRG-4280usFW Version: QR51S404 SW Version: MMV-C04_R10 Timeline 2023-08-24: IOActive discovers vulnerability 2023-09-12: IOActive begins vulnerability disclosure with affected parties 2024-06-10: The corresponding CNA released the CVEs to public domain. 2024-06-21: IOActive advisory published

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Gabriel Gonzalez
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | March 28, 2024

IOActive Security Advisory | KUNBUS Revolution Pi – Multiple Vulnerabilities

KUNBUS GmbH (KUNBUS) develops and offers products and solutions for industrial communication in automation, process, manufacturing and drive technology. This includes a comprehensive portfolio of real-time Ethernet and fieldbus-based protocol technology on state-of-the-art hardware platforms, as well as stacks suitable for the sensor level with IO-Link and IO-Link Wireless and the entry into wireless communication technology.

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Ethan Shackelford
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | March 21, 2024

IOActive Security Advisory | Movistar 4G Router – Multiple Vulnerabilities

IOActive found that the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is listening on all interfaces and gives access to a shell with root privileges; a malicious actor with access to the same network that the router is providing access to will have full control of the device. A malicious actor can send a specific payload to the gui.cgi using the ping_traceroute_process functionality to execute arbitrary commands as the privileged root user. IOActive saw a general lack of protection against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. CVE-2024-2414, CVE-2024-2415, CVE-2024-2416

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Gabriel Gonzalez
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | March 21, 2024

IOActive Security Advisory | Hikvision Camera Denial of Service

CVE-2023-28811. The Hikvision DS-7732NI-14(B) is a 32-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). IOActive had the opportunity to assess the DS-7732NI-I4 and identified one high-risk vulnerability. This issue could be exploited to cause a denial of service (DoS) to the device.

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Sergio Ruiz
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | March 5, 2024

IOActive Security Advisory | Lamassu Douro Bitcoin ATM – Multiple Vulnerabilities

Supporting security advisory/disclosure document (CVE-2024-0175, CVE-2024-0176 and CVE-2024-0177) supporting the Lamassu Douro Bitcoin ATM research by Gabriel Gonzalez, IOActive Director of Hardware Security. IOActive had access to few of these machines, specifically to Lamassu’s Douro ATM. This provided the team with the opportunity to assess the security of these devices – more specifically, to attempt to gain full control over them – assuming the role of an attacker with the same physical access to the device that a regular customer might have.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Disclosures | ADVISORIES | March 5, 2024

IOActive Security Advisory | Socomec NET VISION – Multiple Vulnerabilities

IOActive Security Advisory/Disclosure document (CVE TBA) by Daniel Martinez, IOActive Senior Security Consultant, of the multiple vulnerabilities discovered in the Socomec NET VISION devices. Socomec, Inc. (Socomec) is an electrical equipment design and manufacturing company, specializing in low-voltage energy performance in terms of safety, service continuity, quality and energy efficiency. NET VISION is a professional network adapter for monitoring and controlling UPS units from a remote location. It allows direct connection of a UPS to the IPv4 or IPv6 Ethernet network, thereby enabling remote management of the UPS using a…

Daniel Martinez
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | March 2, 2021

CNJ PJeOffice Remote Code Execution in Update Mechanism

Brasil CNJ’s Processo Judicial Eletrônico (PJe) system processes judicial data with the objective of fulfilling the needs of the Brazilian Judiciary Power: the Superior, Military, Labor, and Electoral Courts; the courts of both the Federal Union and individual states; and specialized justice systems that handle ordinary law and employment tribunals at both the federal and state level. The main goal of PJeOffice is to guarantee the legal authenticity and integrity of documents and processes through digital signatures. It is employed by lawyers, judges, and high-level officials, such as prosecutors and…

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Tiago Assumpcao & Robert Connolly

Commonalities in Vehicle Vulnerabilities

2022 Decade Examination Update | With the connected car now commonplace in the market, automotive cybersecurity has become the vanguard of importance as it relates to road user safety. IOActive has amassed over a decade of real-world vulnerability data illustrating the issues and potential solutions to cybersecurity threats today’s vehicles face.

This analysis is a major update and follow-up to the vehicle vulnerabilities report originally published in 2016 and updated in 2018. The goal of this 2022 update is to deliver current data and discuss how the state of automotive cybersecurity has progressed over the course of 10 years, making note of overall trends and their causes.