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Blogs | INSIGHTS, RESEARCH | July 23, 2024

WiFi and 5G: Security and Performance Characteristics Whitepaper

IOActive compared the security and performance of the WiFi and 5G wireless protocols by simulating several different network types and reproducing attacks from current academic research in a Dell-commissioned study. In total, 536 hours of testing was performed between January and February 2024 comparing each technologies’ susceptibility to five categories of attack: user tracking, sensitive data interception, user impersonation, network impersonation, and denial of service. IOActive concluded that a typical standalone 5G network is more resilient against the five categories of attack than a typical WiFi network. Attacks against a 5G…

Ethan Shackelford James Kulikowski & Vince Marcovecchio
Blogs | INSIGHTS | June 18, 2024

Recent and Upcoming Security Trends in Cloud Low-Level Hardware Devices: A survey

The rapid evolution of cloud infrastructures has introduced complex security challenges, particularly concerning all of the processing devices and peripheral components that underpin modern data centers. Recognizing the critical need for robust and consistent cloud security standards, technology firms, developers, and cybersecurity experts established the Open Compute Project Security Appraisal Framework and Enablement (OCP S.A.F.E.) Program. At the 2024 OCP Regional Summit in Lisbon, I was joined by my colleague Alfredo Pironti, Director of Services at IOActive, to present a deep dive into the security of cloud infrastructures, the threats…

Sean Rivera
Blogs | INSIGHTS, RESEARCH | May 30, 2024

The Security Imperative in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and everyday life, driving innovations once relegated to the realm of science fiction into modern reality. As AI technologies grow more integral to complex systems like autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics, and automated financial trading platforms, the imperative for robust security measures increases exponentially. Securing AI is not only about safeguarding data but also about ensuring the core systems — in particular, the trained models that really put the “intelligence” in AI — function as intended without malicious interference. Historical lessons from earlier technologies offer…

Gunter Ollmann
Blogs | INSIGHTS | May 28, 2024

5 Signs You’re Ready for a Red Team

We often talk about security as a continuum; a journey toward greater maturity and increased capability. Along that path, the practice of red team testing serves as an important milestone, not just for the benefits it offers, but also for what participating in red teaming says about the state of security — overall posture, culture, commitment to continuous improvement — in any organization. Red team tests remain one of the most effective ways to probe defenses and identify vulnerabilities. And unlike traditional penetration tests, red team…

IOActive Red Team
Blogs | EDITORIAL, INSIGHTS | May 22, 2024

Transportation Electrification Cybersecurity Threatscape

World-Wide Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Trends The global push to meet rising EV adoption with sufficient EV smart charger infrastructure is astoundingly challenging. Bloomberg estimates the global charging infrastructure market opportunity to be $1.9T between 2022 and 2050. That opportunity will be seized upon by a host of organizations large and small, public and private. From EV fleet depots to fast charging stations along highwaysparking garagessmart chargers for employees, and home chargers,…

Kevin Harnett
Blogs | INSIGHTS, RESEARCH | May 16, 2024

Field-Programmable Chips (FPGAs) in Critical Applications – What are the Risks?

What is an FPGA? Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are a type of Integrated Circuit (IC) that can be programmed or reprogrammed after manufacturing. They consist of an array of logic blocks and interconnects that can be configured to perform various digital functions. FPGAs are commonly used in applications where flexibility, speed, and parallel processing capabilities are required, such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors. FPGAs are often found in products that are low volume or demand short turnaround time because they can be purchased off the shelf and programmed…

Blogs | INSIGHTS, RESEARCH | May 15, 2024

Evolving Cyber Threatscape: What’s Ahead and How to Defend

The digital world is a dangerous place. And by all accounts, it’s not getting a whole lot better. Damages from cybercrime will top a staggering $8 trillion this year, up from an already troubling $1 trillion just five years ago and rocketing toward $14 trillion by 2028. Supply chains are becoming juicier targets, vulnerabilities are proliferating, and criminals with nation-state support are growing more active and more sophisticated. Ransomware, cryptojacking, cloud compromises, and AI-powered shenanigans are all on a hockey-stick growth trajectory. Looking ahead, there are few sure…

Blogs | INSIGHTS | May 9, 2024

Always Updated Awards 2024 Blog

We are excited to announce that IOActive received multiple prestigious awards wins this year! Keep this blog bookmarked to always stay up-to-date on the company’s accomplishments throughout 2024. Last updated May 9, 2024 IOActive was honored for its ability to maximize security investments and enhance clients’ overall security posture and business resilience. Unlike many organizations that default to defensive strategies, we at IOActive go beyond standard penetration testing to provide clients with red and purple team services that exceed typical assessments. We prioritize a comprehensive understanding of cyber adversaries through…

Blogs | INSIGHTS, RESEARCH | May 2, 2024

Untested Is Untrusted: Penetration Tests and Red Teaming Key to Mature Security Strategy

Organizations need to know how well their defenses can withstand a targeted attack. Red team exercises and penetration tests fit the bill, but which is right for your organization? Information security at even well-defended enterprises is often a complex mesh of controls, policies, people, and point solutions dispersed across critical systems both inside and outside the corporate perimeter. Managing that murky situation can be challenging for security teams, many of whom are understaffed and forced to simply check as many of the boxes as they can on the organization’s framework…

Blogs | EDITORIAL, RESEARCH | April 25, 2024

Bits to Binary to Bootloader to Glitch: Exploiting ROM for Non-invasive Attacks

In this paper, we explore how ROM can be leveraged to perform a non-invasive attack (i.e., voltage glitching) by a relatively unsophisticated actor without a six-figure budget. We begin by explaining what ROM is, why it is used, and how it can be extracted. What exactly is ROM? Put simply, Read-Only Memory (ROM) is a type of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) that is constructed as physical structures within chips. The structures are patterned as ones and zeroes on one, and only one, of several layers of the chip. Why just…

Tony Moor

Commonalities in Vehicle Vulnerabilities

2022 Decade Examination Update | With the connected car now commonplace in the market, automotive cybersecurity has become the vanguard of importance as it relates to road user safety. IOActive has amassed over a decade of real-world vulnerability data illustrating the issues and potential solutions to cybersecurity threats today’s vehicles face.

This analysis is a major update and follow-up to the vehicle vulnerabilities report originally published in 2016 and updated in 2018. The goal of this 2022 update is to deliver current data and discuss how the state of automotive cybersecurity has progressed over the course of 10 years, making note of overall trends and their causes.