CONFERENCE | Oct 13, 2022 — Oct 14, 2022

GrrCON Cyber Security Summit and Hacker Conference

GrrCON is an information security and hacking conference that provides the Midwest InfoSec community with a fun atmosphere to come together and engage with like minded people. We keep GrrCON small with around 2,000 attendance to allow us to provide those things other events leave out.

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CONFERENCE | Oct 24, 2022 — Oct 28, 2022 Security Conference & Training – Netherlands | Ilja van Sprundel

Ilja van Sprundel, Sr Director of Operating Systems Security, will be presenting: ‘Assessing the security of an SMM supervisor.’ Learn and discuss the latest and most innovative research on attacking and defending hardware from leading hardware security researchers and professionals. Connect with industry peers for a bigger, bolder, and better

CONFERENCE | Nov 02, 2022 — Nov 04, 2022

Aviation Cybersecurity Summit

Aviation ISAC facilitates collaboration across global aviation to build resiliency against cyber threats.

CONFERENCE | Nov 13, 2022 — Nov 16, 2022

Digital Solutions Conference | John Sheehy

John Sheehy, SVP Research & Strategy, will be presenting on Threat Modeling at the Digital Solutions Conference at 9am ET, Nov 15. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) is hosting their inaugural Digital Solutions Conference. The NMFTA is a nonprofit membership organization representing over 500 carriers who collectively operate over 200,000 power units generating approximately $100 billion in freight revenue. The DSC conference will feature speakers and research focused on vehicle fleet cybersecurity.

HYBRID CONFERENCE | Nov 14, 2022 — Nov 21, 2022

SANS Pen Test HackFest Summit & Training 2022 | Elvin Gentiles

Elvin Gentiles, IOActive Security Consultant, will be presenting virtually: ‘Developing High-Impact Malware with Minimal Effort’ at the SANS Pen Test HackFest Summit & Training – Nov 14, 12:30pm ET. The best defense is a good offense. Learn, connect, and share with some of the most advanced cybersecurity operators in the world at this year’s Pen Test HackFest Summit. This one-of-a-kind Summit brings together all aspects of offensive operations – covering the latest research in penetration testing, exploit writing, red teaming, adversary emulation, and more.

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IOActive is thrilled to be part of such an amazing industry. We travel the world meeting other bright minds along the way. To support this, we’ve launched a number of ongoing events:

  • IOAsis
  • Women, Wisdom, & Wine
  • Evening with IOActive