CONFERENCE | Feb 27, 2024 — Feb 29, 2024

World Game Protection Conference

The IOActive team will field a booth at the World Game Protection Conference 2024 – with the research team of Joseph Tartaro, Enrique Nissim and Ethan Shackelford, presenting at the conference: ‘Shuffle Up and Deal: Analyzing the Security of Automated Card Shufflers.’ Which continues the exploration of the research on card shuffler security the team presented at Black Hat 2023. Conference detail can be found here.

WEBINAR | Feb 27, 2024

MTS-ISAC Webinar | Maritime Cybersecurity Penetration Testing and Common Vulnerabilities

John Sheehy, IOActive SVP of Research and Strategy, is a featured guest for the online webinar. This MTS-ISAC webinar will introduce penetration testing, a methodology to attack a system or environment using similar techniques and tools adopted by real threat actors. It will cover the specialized vocabulary and the different types of testing, and how to use the results most effectively. Guidance will be shared on how to choose the appropriate type of cybersecurity testing for your organization and specific situation – ensuring the appropriate type of penetration/vulnerability testing…

HOSTED EVENT | Feb 29, 2024

hack::soho | Introducing wSAST – Code Analysis Framework for Consultants | Peter Winter-Smith

Peter Winter-Smith, an offensive tool developer, will be presenting at hack::soho in February. Peter has been working on the wSAST (wienerSAST) project for the past four years – with the long term goal of creating a framework which is capable of providing cheap (currently free), community supported, reusable modern multi-language static analysis which is easily extensible and be integrated into any consultants toolset for code review and appsec delivery. It is a consultant-focused SAST framework which is capable of performing full end-to-end source to sink dataflow analysis. It is designed…

HOSTED EVENT | Mar 06, 2024

An Evening with IOActive | Merging Cybersecurity, the Board, and Executive Team | Vanessa Pegeuros

Mastering the Pitch: Strategic Insights for Presenting Cybersecurity Benefits to the Board and Executive Team IOActive will host Vanessa Pegeuros, an esteemed board member and former CISO. This event will follow a dynamic, conversational-style interview – offering valuable insights on effectively steering contemporary cybersecurity conversations with your board and executive team for optimal results. Bridging the divide between the technical community and corporate leadership is a common challenge, and Vanessa will generously share her proven tips and advice that have fueled success throughout her illustrious career. Don’t miss this opportunity…

CONFERENCE | Mar 07, 2024


Gabriel González, IOActive Director of Hardware Security, will be presenting: ‘Applying Fault Injection to the Firmware Update Process of a DJI Drone’ at CRIPTORED Cybersecurity Conference in Madrid. Criptored brings together the most relevant national and international experts in cybersecurity, privacy, cryptography and civil liberties. Together with the RootedCon organization and a jury of experts, the best technical presentations, tools and courses with an applied approach will be selected to reach a wider audience.

IOActive is thrilled to be part of such an amazing industry. We travel the world meeting other bright minds along the way. To support this, we’ve launched a number of ongoing events:

  • IOAsis
  • Women, Wisdom, & Wine
  • Evening with IOActive