Gunter Ollmann

Gunter Ollmann, IOActive CTO

Chief Technology Officer


As CTO for IOActive, Gunter Ollman is focused on incubating and launching IOActive’s next-generation of strategic security services and technology.

Gunter has spent his career building and leading global consulting and product solutions teams spanning the cybersecurity domain and providing expert security council to Fortune 100 companies. Prior to IOActive he led product innovation and strategy for Devo as their CTO, and previously served as CSO for Microsoft Cloud and AI Security division – incubating and driving multiple commercial products and services whilst protecting the world’s largest cloud applications and infrastructure. He has been at the forefront of applying machine-learning (ML) and AI technology to cybersecurity services for over a decade, holds multiple cyberthreat detection and mitigation patents, and has overseen and guided the invention and patent process of hundreds of core technology patents. Gunter is a widely respected authority on security issues and technologies and has researched, written and published hundreds of technical papers and bylined articles.