WHITEPAPER | February 27, 2017

Hacking Robots Before Skynet

Robots are going mainstream. Similar to other new technologies, we’ve found robot technology to be insecure in a variety of ways, and that insecurity could pose serious threats to the people and organizations they operate in and around. This paper is based on our own research, in which we discovered critical cybersecurity issues in several robots from multiple vendors. We describe the currently available technology, some of the threats posed by a compromised robot, the types of cybersecurity issues we discovered, as well as security recommendations based on the findings. The goal is to make robots more secure and prevent vulnerabilities from being used maliciously by attackers to cause serious harm to businesses, consumers, and their surroundings.

Robots Hacking Research

As electronic devices become smarter and the cost of cutting-edge technology decreases, machines can be used to actively help meet human needs, save lives, entertain, teach, and cure, amongst other things.

Enter robots into the mainstream – an increasingly affordable and now more practical solution for many of today’s business and personal needs. They are becoming mainstream…but they are also vulnerable.

Learn more about the security (or insecurity) of robotic technologies that are currently available, including cybersecurity issues present, threats posed by compromised robots, and recommendations for making robots more safe and secure.

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