People Helping People

Hard work and social responsibility are an integral part of IOActive. We work hard and recognize that, as a part of an interconnected world, we have a duty to help the many communities that we serve.

If you were to step into our offices and listen to the discussions about the organizations and charities that we work with, you’d see it’s as much a part of our culture as deciphering the latest attack vector.

IOActive has a deep commitment to the many communities in which we work. We take our responsibilities to those communities and the people in them as seriously as we take the work that we do for our clients.

Hackers with Heart is one way for IOActive to demonstrate that resolve. We support the efforts of many charitable organizations and events such as:

The Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees
The Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation
The Girl Scouts of America
The Make-a-Wish Foundation
The National Breast Cancer Foundation
InterConnection in Seattle
Save the Children
Autism Speaks
Hackers for Charity
Trees 4Life
Red Cross
Charity Water
The HacKid Conference
Dolphins Cycling Challenge among others

The Hackers with Heart program not only helps to improve the lives of others but it is also as an outlet for our staff, and others in the InfoSec community, to find their own ways to contribute their time and energy so that we can help to improve the world in our own small way.

People helping people. It may sound trite but it’s an intrinsic part of who we are and what we do.