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Blog | INSIGHTS | July 16, 2013

2013 ISS Conference, Prague

I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 ISS conference in Prague a few weeks ago. The conference is a place where company representatives and law enforcement (and other government agency) officials can meet to share ideas and products information (such as appliances). Even though I had a sore throat, I still found it quite interesting; although not necessarily in terms of the products and presentations – which I felt was overall a bit flat. It was easy to differentiate between company representatives and government officials. Government officials wore yellow…

Lucas Lundgren

SCADA and Mobile Security in the IoT Era

Alexander Bolshev and Ivan Yushkevich discuss how the landscape has evolved over the past two years, since their prior research was published, and assess the security posture of SCADA systems and mobile applications in this new IoT era.

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