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Blogs | INSIGHTS | December 3, 2012

IOActive Acquires Flylogic

IOActive Announces Acquisition of Flylogic Engineering and Hardware Security Lab World-renowned Semiconductor Security Expert, Christopher, Tarnovsky, to Head IOActive’s Expanded Hardware Division Seattle, WA—July 26, 2012. IOActive, a a global leader in information security services and research, today announced the acquisition of Flylogic Engineering and its assets, in addition to the appointment of Christopher Tarnovsky as IOActive’s Vice President of Semiconductor Security Services. In conjunction with this announcement, IOActive will be opening an expanded hardware and semiconductor security lab in San Diego, California. Flylogic and Mr. Tarnovsky have long been…

| | June 12, 2012


*Update* Please use : for Questions Victor Mehta: Does anyone know how to decapulate a substrate epoxy FR-4 material ? What would be the best method in doing so ? Has flylogic taken up similar decapsulations ?

Blogs | INSIGHTS | March 12, 2012

3 Metal 350nm teardown explination

Real quick image as posted on Facebook tech .at. profile. A Total of 4 overlayed images of a small section of an NEC upd78F9210 MCU. A FlipFlop and a few AND’s were quickly spotted. Can you find them?

Blogs | INSIGHTS | October 3, 2011

Easy and Quick Vulnerability Hunting in Windows

I’m glad to start this new blog for IOA Labs by publishing the video demonstrations and updated slides of my Black Hat USA 2011 workshop. I hope you like it, please send me your feedback, questions, etc. We will continue posting cool materials from our researchers very soon, keep tuned!

Cesar Cerrudo

Arm IDA and Cross Check: Reversing the 787’s Core Network

IOActive has documented detailed attack paths and component vulnerabilities to describe the first plausible, detailed public attack paths to effectively reach the avionics network on a 787, commercial airplane from either non-critical domains, such as Passenger Information and Entertainment Services, or even external networks.