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Blogs | INSIGHTS | November 2, 2012

iOS Security: Objective-C and nil Pointers

iOS devices are everywhere now. It seems that pretty much every other person has oneā€¦an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – and they’re rivaled in popularity only by Android devices. If you do secure code review, chances are that with the explosion in the number of iOS apps, you may well have done a source code review of an iOS app, or at least played around with some Objective-C code. Objective-C can be a little strange at first for those of us who are used to plain C and C++…

Shaun Colley
Blogs | INSIGHTS | April 3, 2008

Atmel AT91SAM7S Overview

Atmel produces a number of ARM based devices in their portfolio of products. We had one laying around the lab so here we go as usual… The device was a 48 pin QFP type package. We also purchased a sample of the other members of the family although the initial analysis was done on the AT91SAM7S32 part shown above. All pictures will relate to this specific part even though there is not a signifigant difference between the other members of this line except memory sizes. After decapsulating the die from…


Arm IDA and Cross Check: Reversing the 787’s Core Network

IOActive has documented detailed attack paths and component vulnerabilities to describe the first plausible, detailed public attack paths to effectively reach the avionics network on a 787, commercial airplane from either non-critical domains, such as Passenger Information and Entertainment Services, or even external networks.