COLLATERAL | August 28, 2023

IOActive Silicon Security Services

Our silicon security team helps risk managers, product owners, designers, and cybersecurity professionals understand and manage the emerging risks of silicon-level and hardware-based supply chain attacks. 

IOActive has spent over two decades at the forefront of cybersecurity research and providing critical security services fueled by the research. As the security of systems (and systems of systems) increasingly depends upon proper hardware security design and implementation, we have invested in honing silicon-level attack techniques that complement the advanced expertise we have long developed in identifying the embedded-device, side-channel, and fault-injection attacks. 

Our silicon security services adds black-box and gray-box attacks to our commercial white-box work – which includes development of threat models at the microprocessor and SOC level – supporting clients in defining security design requirements, and performing register transfer level (RTL) and GDS partial layout reviews.