CONFERENCE | Mar 07, 2024 — Mar 09, 2024

/Rooted CON, Madrid | Ramiro Pareja Veredas

Ramiro Pareja Veredas, IOActive Principal Security Consultant, will be presenting ‘Attacking Vehicle Fleet Management Systems’ at /Rooted CON Madrid. The goal of the research was the assessment of the current state of the connected vehicles security. Compared with other works already published where the researchers chose to attack a popular modern car, the focus was in other automotive components and systems that security experts – and car designers – usually overlook and that could be abused to launch scalable and massive attacks on analyzed devices like T-boxes, OBD2 dongles, 5G…

CONFERENCE | May 28, 2024 — Jun 01, 2024 Security Trainings and Conference USA 2024

IOActive is a supporting sponsor for this year’s event in Santa Clara, CA. Learn from leading hardware security researchers & professionals and discuss the latest & most innovative research on attacking and defending hardware. Connect with industry peers. Join the community for a bigger, bolder, and better More event details here.

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