SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT | Sep 26, 2019 — Sep 27, 2019

DefendCon 2019 | Dawn Isabel

Dawn Isabel, Senior Security Consultant, will present “Adventures in watchOS Jailbreaking.” This talk will provide an overview of constructing a jailbreak for watchOS using public exploit and jailbreak code for iOS. The audience will leave with an understanding of the trial-and-error process – and some entertaining mistakes – that resulted in a fully-functional developer jailbreak.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT | Sep 26, 2019 — Sep 27, 2019

DefendCon 2019 | Maxine Filcher

Maxine Filcher, Associate Security Consultant will present “Practical RF Security and Wireless Hacking”. If you’ve ever been worried about being compromised through the airwaves, but were too afraid to ask how it’s done, this is the talk for you. It will cover exploits for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and 2.4 GHz wireless mice, along with some tips for how you can protect yourself, your family, and your organization from being targeted.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT | Oct 02, 2019 — Oct 04, 2019

Disrupt SF 2019 | Jennifer Steffens

Jennifer Steffens, CEO of IOActive, will participate at Disrupt 2019 as a panelist on the discussion: “How to Build a Secure Startup (without slowing growth).” The conference focuses on the tech startup world.

CONFERENCE | Oct 23, 2019 — Oct 24, 2019

Auto-ISAC Summit

The 3rd Auto-ISAC Cybersecurity Summit taking place this October 2019 will build on topics introduced during the inaugural Summit last December. This year’s conference will focus on taking cybersecurity and sharing to the next level.


T2.FI Infosec | Alexander Bolshev

Alexander Bolshev, Security Consultant, will present “Gone with the wind: a tale about windfarm network security” on October 24th from 2:20pm-3:20pm. The T2.FI Infosec conference focuses on newly emerging information security research with a balance of topics on auditing and pen-testing, and security and defensive strategies. In general, presentations will address different aspects of information security – all presentations will include demos and be technically oriented and practical.

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