WEBINAR | May 28, 2020

Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy Exploitation

Maxine Filcher, IOActive Security Consultant, will be giving a webinar presentation on wireless security, May 28, 2020, 2pm E.T.

Bluetooth, especially Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), has become the ubiquitous backbone that modern devices use to interact with each other. From mobile, to IoT, to automotive, most smart devices now support Bluetooth connections. This enhanced connectivity expands the attacks surface making this attack vector an increasingly necessary aspect of security testing.

In this talk, Maxine will:

  • cover various phases of Bluetooth exploitation
  • dive into the communication between BLE devices and companion mobile applications, with an emphasis on sniffing connections, spoofing targets, and exploiting services
  • demonstrate the use of basic BLE security research tools
  • discuss common security issues and recommendations the for a security-focused implementation of BLE for connected products