HOSTED EVENT | Apr 25, 2024

hack::soho | Keep Calm and Don’t Get Your GenAI Hacked | Dinis Cruz, Founder of The Cyber Boardroom

Dinis Cruz, founder of The Cyber Boardroom, will present “Keep Calm and Don’t Get Your GenAI Hacked,” an exploration into the security risks posed by Generative AI (GenAI) models that learn and adapt, especially when these models are opaque and connected to internal APIs without proper safeguards.

Dinis will highlight the perils of exposing learning AI models to potential attackers and advocates for making GenAI models read-only + deterministic to prevent unpredictable behavior. All of this stresses the importance of adopting a breach assumption mindset, emphasizing strategies to mitigate risks, such as traditional AppSec/DevSecOps practices, together with effective stakeholder graph-based communication and risk acceptance.