HOSTED EVENT | Jun 20, 2024

An Evening with IOActive | The DL on LLM Code Analysis | Richard Johnson

Please join us and guest speaker, Richard Johnson, a principle security researcher focusing on fuzzing and software vulnerability analysis.

Join IOActive and Richard Johnson for an evening of exploration in to the The New World Order, the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the unavoidable evolution of technology that is here to assimilate human knowledge in its natural language form! You’ve parleyed with the perceptrons, you’ve dreamed deeply with Dall-E, but how do we harness this emerging capability to perform security analysis tasks such as looking for vulnerabilities and malware in source or binaries?

Richard will review successes and failures in research applying LLMs to code analysis tasks and discuss how to evaluate models and create your own dataset for evaluation, training, and tuning prompting for better results.

Richard Johnson is a computer security specialist with a focus on fuzzing and software vulnerability analysis. Currently Principal Security Researcher for Eclypsium, Richard offers over 20 years of professional expertise and leadership in the information security industry.

Drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served. Please RSVP quickly as space is limited.