CONFERENCE | Sep 21, 2023

BSides Tirana 2023

Nick Dunn, IOActive Senior Security Consultant, will be presenting: ‘Haven’t We Met Before? Using Recent Bug-Fixes to Find New Vulnerabilities’ at BSides Tirana 2023.

Nick’s presentation will explore the large, robust codebases that has been subjected to regular scanning by commercial and/or open-source scanning tools, where there can be difficulties in locating new bugs, particularly in a short time frame. This is particularly suitable for patterns that are spread across multiple lines and those that might be missed by standard scanners.

Held in the heart of Tirana, BSides Tirana 2023 is a dynamic two-day information security conference that promises to inspire and engage people with an interest in cyber security. Featuring a collaborative venue designed to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, BSides Tirana serves as a vital connection between information security professionals and the thriving technology community in Tirana. Following the events of the cyber attacks in Albania, it becomes clear just how critical cyber security is for any organization, business, or government. It is important to ensure that everyone is prepared for today‚Äôs security challenges. BSides Tirana provides a valuable way for you and your organization to build connections with the information security community; connections that can lead to a better educated workforce, stronger security practices, and a safer world to do business.