WEBINAR | Sep 30, 2020

Breaking Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – A Technical Deep Dive | Maxine Filcher

Breaking BLE - webinar

Continuing from her first part webinar: ‘Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy Exploitation,’ Maxine Filcher, IOActive Security Consultant, will present a deep dive into the key components and tools for breaking Bluetooth Low Energy devices—from the perspective of a pentester and security researcher.

As BLE continues to take the spotlight in low energy RF communications, expanding to an exponentially growing number of devices, Bluetooth security has largely been relegated to small pockets within the researcher community. However, the SweynTooth vulnerability set, among many others, demonstrates that there are still fundamental issues within the BLE stack, and that the attack surface may be more relevant now than it has ever been previously.

Maxine will delve into the key components of BLE communications and cover:

  • Introduction to Bluetooth mesh
  • The tools required for breaking BLE devices
  • Suggested approaches for testing BLE devices
  • A demo of a simple dev project using the nRF52840 dongle
  • Providing insight to understanding the basic skills required to exploit BLE

The webinar will be held: Wednesday, September 30, 2pm ET.