HOSTED EVENT | Nov 30, 2023

An Evening with IOActive | The Impact of AI on SDLC | Gunter Ollmann

We are hosting our next ‘An Evening with IOActive’ at a new location: Block 41, in the lively Belltown neighborhood in Seattle. Please join us for an engaging community event to discuss the ‘Impact of AI on SDLC’ – our CTO, and highly-experienced AI Security guru, Gunter Ollmann, will lead the presentation and discussion.

Gunter will cover how AI brings many new unknowns to cybersecurity, and the decades of tiime before we determine the net positive or negative impact. Delving deeper below the media hype of ChatGPT, LLMs, and the flurry of copilot and augmented assistants, AI will inevitably bring rapid change to modern software development and secure SDLC practices.

Historically, it required great effort and determination from the security leaders to make slow and stilted progress in getting security practice adoption to “shift left” in the SDLC. Current and immediate-future AI technology adoption will almost assuredly rewrite the SDLC play book – perhaps to the point it is impossible to even write insecure code.

This event will be held Thursday, November 30, 6pm – 8pm (PT), and is open to all in the security community, please share with your friends and colleagues, and let’s engage in this very critical discussion of the impact of AI on security services.