INSIGHTS | April 8, 2014

Car Hacking 2: The Content

Does everyone remember when those two handsome young gentlemen controlled automobiles with CAN message injection ( I sure do. However, what if you don’t have the resources to purchase a car, pay for insurance, repairs to the car, and so on? 
Fear not Internet! 
Chris and Charlie to the rescue. Last week we presented our new automotive research at Syscan 2014. To make a long story short, we provided the blueprints to setup a small automotive network outside the vehicle so security researchers could start investigating Autosec (TM pending) without requiring the large budget needed to procure a real automobile. (Update: Andy Greenberg just released an article explaining our work,
Additionally, we provided a solution for a mobile testing platform (a go-cart) that can be fashioned with ECUs from a vehicle (or purchased on Ebay) for testing that requires locomotion, such as assisted braking and lane departure systems. 
For those of you that want the gritty technical details, download this paper. As always, we’d love feedback and welcome any questions.