INSIGHTS | February 7, 2008

AT90S8515 – Legacy!

Some people asked for some of those older Atmel parts after seeing the MEGA88 and ATMEGA169 teardowns.

Here’s a quick one on the AT90S8515. It’s still very popular even though it’s been replaced by the MEGA8515. It’s built on a larger process and it’s not planarized (.50um and below are planarized but you may find some .50um non-planarized)

8KB Flash, 512 Byte SRAM, 512 Byte EEPROM with 32 working registers. That’s sooo nice! 4x faster than the typical PIC.

There was a mistake in the above picture too when we highlighted the areas! We forgot to outline the EEPROM area.

The side of the array is touching the ‘8’ in 8KB EEPROM above and it runs vertical along-side the FLASH. So in theory there are two 8 bit FLAH arrays and a single 8 bit EEPROM area all running veritical in the “8KB Flash” highlighted area.

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