Will Longman


Vice President, IT & Security


As IOActive’s Vice President for Information Technology & Security, Will is accountable for safeguarding client and proprietary data as well as provisioning the IT services that support the company’s innovative operations. Will leverages more than 25 years of senior cybersecurity and IT leadership experience including “C-level” positions from across a spectrum of commercial industries and the military to successfully meet these challenges.

Previously at Alaska Airlines, Will has been the security leader at Varolii (now Nuance Communications Outbound), Motricity, Infospace, and Go2Net. He was also President and Founder of Expert Digital Forensics and is a certified forensics examiner. Will has been a vocational teacher for information technology and a Certified Cisco Academy Instructor. Prior to that, he served 21 years in the United States Navy as a submariner, submersible pilot and diver, retiring as an officer. Will holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Certificate in Digital Forensics.