Attacks on wireless networks are exceptionally common. WiFi networks based on the IEEE 802.11 standards suffer from inherent risks that are the result of improperly secured infrastructure, rogue access points, and even the wireless clients themselves. While MAC filtering, WEP encryption, and preshared keys may seem to make your wireless network secure, they are not enough. Attackers can bypass or break most of these measures can within minutes, exposing your internal infrastructure to attack.

IOActive’s wireless network assessment evaluates the security of your wireless networks and your compliance with appropriate mandates. Using configuration reviews, technical testing methodologies, and rapid detection of rogue access points, IOActive has helped secure the wireless infrastructure of hundreds of retail and financial services organizations around the world. Not only can we help ensure that your wireless network meets critical compliance mandates, we will work with you to implement robust security that can withstand sophisticated, targeted attacks.

IOActive will help you:

  • Evaluate the security of your wireless network infrastructure
  • Assess your compliance with applicable mandates
  • Identify rogue access points and other points of unauthorized entry

NFC Testing
Near Field Communication (NFC) enables contactless access to devices and is often used in payment solutions. Security vulnerabilities in NFC solutions can occur at all levels, from low-level NFC driver issues to high-level application protocol problems. IOActive has years of experience testing mobile payment solutions for major financial providers. We can help ensure the integrity and security of your NFC system using our in-house tools.

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