Quality education and training enable your organization to develop software, hardware, and even staff that can withstand attack. IOActive offers a variety of classes developed through years of real-world experience. We customize each class to suit your organization’s specific needs. Our courses are taught in an engaging classroom environment that instructs developers how to design, build, and deploy secure systems.

Security Development Lifecycle Training
The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is the industry-leading software security assurance process. IOActive will provide your staff with a solid understanding of the SDL. Our training focuses on the specific security-related responsibilities and processes required to integrate the SDL into your organization. Our team will work side-by-side with yours to create an SDL process that works for you. SDL training is appropriate for technical and product teams and can be delivered as a train-the-trainer module.

IOActive’s SDL training topics include:

  • Introduction to the SDL
  • Threat modeling
  • Secure coding principles
  • Secure coding techniques

Social Engineering Security Awareness Training
Social engineering is one of the biggest threats to security today. Social engineering attacks take many forms—a phone call, a phishing email, or even an unexpected office visitor. They are often combined with other attack vectors, both electronic and physical. IOActive’s social engineering training teaches your employees how to recognize and respond to social engineering attacks. We will help you reduce the risk of security and privacy breaches in your organization.

IOActive’s social engineering training includes:

  • Introduction to social engineering
  • Common social engineering attacks
  • How to avoid attacks
  • Practical strategies for responding to attacks

Threat Modeling Training
IOActive’s training will prepare your staff to participate in effective threat modeling, regardless of their experience level. We focus on effective threat modeling that goes beyond simple data collection, threat identification, and mitigation. IOActive will present environment-specific mitigations and provide a threat modeling process resulting in more secure components.

IOActive’s threat modeling training includes:

  • Introduction to threat modeling
  • Common taxonomies and the importance of using consistent terminology
  • Prerequisites, roles, and timing
  • Threat modeling tools
  • An interactive threat modeling lab

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