IOActive is your organization’s trusted advisor when it comes to ensuring your employees and team members are safe from the threat of social engineering. That’s because we lead the security community in social engineering research. We offer many social engineering training courses, from security awareness to client-side penetration testing.

Our social engineering services are designed to highlight gaps in your staff’s security awareness and help to improve your security posture, now and in the future. We integrate social engineering with other security services in order to provide you with a threat simulation that reveals your organization’s true security posture.

Social engineers charm, intimidate, bribe, and manipulate others into disclosing information. Their aim is to gain unauthorized access to systems or privileged information in order to commit fraud, network intrusion, industrial espionage, or identity theft, or they may simply want to disrupt your system or network. Additionally, social engineering is often used to support other, more complex physical or electronic attacks by overcoming and disabling security controls.

Social Engineering Security Awareness Training
Social engineering is one of the biggest threats to security today. Social engineering attacks take many forms – a phone call, a phishing email, or even an unexpected office visitor. IOActive’s social engineering training teaches your employees how to recognize and respond to social engineering attacks. We will help you reduce the risk of security and privacy breaches in your organization. Our training can also help your organization comply with laws, regulations, and standards, such as NERC, CIPP, FERC, PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, FISMA, FFIEC, FDIC, NCUA, OCC, and OTC.

IOActive’s social engineering training includes:

  • Introduction to social engineering
  • Common social engineering attacks
  • How to avoid attacks
  • Practical strategies for responding to attack

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