The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is the industry-leading software security assurance process. Microsoft developed the SDL in 2004 as part of their Trustworthy Computing Initiative. The goal was to create a repeatable process for producing software that is able to withstand malicious attacks. The SDL implements security and privacy during each stage of a product’s development, from concept to release. It has led to measurable security improvements in numerous flagship products.

IOActive has substantial SDL experience and can assist you in all of the SDL phases—training, requirements, design, implementation, verification, release, and response. Our team will work side-by-side with yours to create an SDL process that works for you.

Software Assurance Training
Quality education and training are critical to developing software capable of withstanding attack. IOActive offers a variety of classes developed through years of real-world experience. We customize each class to suit your organization’s specific needs. Our courses are taught in an engaging classroom environment that instructs developers how to design, build, and deploy secure systems.

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