Reduce Operational Risk
The emergence of new cyber-physical system architectures and the commoditization of embedded systems have expanded the industrial moniker to include a variety of systems. Industrial security includes traditional Industrial Control Systems (ICS), as well as Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, smart grids, building and facility management systems (BMS/HVAC), and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI).

The prolific use of consumer technologies, such as connected devices, is expanding the attack surface of industrial systems at an alarming rate. A commitment to security awareness and independent assurance of industrial systems must be incorporated into today’s Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) programs.

Security Architecture Assessments
Determine fit-for-purpose security design using our attacker-oriented lens. IOActive’s world-leading security research and deep technical expertise sets us apart. We have the largest consulting team of ICS-CERT advisors in the industry. We spearhead efforts to secure smart grids by introducing proven best-practices to test quality, security, and reliability throughout the product lifecycle. As pioneers in industrial system and smart technology security, we provide leadership, expert techniques, and accurate results in our security design recommendations and assessments.

IOActive is uniquely prepared to help asset owners and vendors protect their products and services while deriving benefits from integrated systems. We understand that safety and reliability are crucial to operations and that the design and planned testing of these environments is paramount to their success. IOActive’s standards gap analysis, IT & OT threat modeling, procurement due diligence, and architecture design review services will help your organization plan and realize an improved security posture. These methods can then be transferred to your internal teams to increase your organization’s internal security capability and awareness.

Technology Security Assessments
How secure you actually are vs. how secure you think you are
IOActive’s proven methodologies and toolsets include manual instrumentation (offline testing), advanced control logic threat modeling, software codebase reverse engineering, and in-depth control protocol analysis. The assessments we perform give you a real-time view of your true security posture, good or bad. Under the guidance of leading industrial security experts, IOActive provides customized security services for both industrial vendors and asset owners. We help ensure the security of industrial vendors’ products by performing white box and black box assessments of their software, hardware, and systems.

IOActive’s industrial application security assessment is best used as part of your security development lifecycle and, ideally, occurs before product release. We can provide a roadmap to help you integrate security throughout your development process. Even if your products have been on the market for years, we can help secure your existing applications and devices.

IOActive delivers reports and management presentations that identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities and give specific recommendations about to fix them before they are discovered by attackers, researchers, or clients. Providing these recommendations is fundamental to reducing risk in your business operations. 

Industrial Security Services for Hardware

  • Embedded security assessment
  • Hardware reverse engineering
  • Chip security assessment
  • OT infrastructure assessment
  • Related services: advisory and threat modeling; see Industrial Security under Software for addtional services

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