IOActive’s red team services provide a progressive and prescient business protection tactic modeled after conventional warfare strategy. The red team concept isn’t new; historically, a red team consisted of military personnel charged with assuming the role of the enemy against a friendly blue team. The red team mastered the enemy’s methodology, strategy, equipment, and behavior in order to ferret out weaknesses in the enemy’s tactics and strengthen the blue team’s strategies.

IOActive’s red team services combat attackers by testing the current state of your physical and digital security. We give you a realistic view of how risk management really works. We challenge plans, defensive measures, and security policies. Our goal is to provide a clear picture of your potential enemies and to help you improve counter measures against them. IOActive offers a no holds barred approach for full scope testing of your digital, electronic, social, and physical attack surfaces. We thoroughly simulate how an adversary may attempt to breach, manipulate, or harm your environment.

Red team services are designed to:

  • Provide insight into how your incident response processes fare in a real-world scenario and ways to improve those processes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of security operations
  • Fill gaps in your security training and awareness programs
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your business processes
  • Provide insight into cross-departmental security issues, including IT, R&D, Finance, Operations, Legal, Sales, Marketing, and other functions

Other types of assessments don’t depict a persistent adversary. Penetration tests simulate specific strategies that are only part of an overall attack. Red team testing includes all possible strategies an adversary might use in an attack. That’s why we call it full scope testing.

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