Microsoft PlayReady Security Assessments

SL3000 Certification

SOC vendors and Intermediate Licensees of PlayReady products must meet the applicable Compliance and Robustness Rules as specified in the PlayReady License Agreement(s). In support of this, Microsoft has launched the SL3000 certification program as a way for vendors and Product Licensees to demonstrate the compliance and robustness of their PlayReady products.

Microsoft has accredited IOActive as a security test lab for evaluating PlayReady products against these new rules. IOActive’s dedicated team of hardware security professionals can help companies get this work done quickly and within budget.

IOActive performs Microsoft PlayReady SL3000 assessments at its dedicated hardware lab, which is equipped with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Focused Ion Beam (FIB), confocal optical imaging equipment, and a variety of analytical tools. In addition to these certification assessments, our lab offers:

  • Embedded device security analysis
  • Physical attack resistance
  • Low-level device firmware and driver assessment
  • Chip and semiconductor analysis

With an impressive track record of partnering with Microsoft for security evaluations, IOActive is the test lab of choice for Microsoft PlayReady SL3000 certification.

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