A Connected World

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is gaining mass. Billions of connected physical devices currently interact with their surroundings through sensors or process inputs and then act on these inputs, communicating with each other and their networks.

But each of these IoT devices does more than just interact with their world. They also offer new attack vectors for hackers. Gaining control over an individual IoT device (and the data it transmits) also provides attackers a networked access path into the main corporate or municipality IT systems with which it communicates. And with that access, attackers can exfiltrate data or damage systems.

The IoT touches, or will soon touch, most aspects of our modern world—from Industrial controls and Smart Cities, to healthcare or corporate campuses, and retail or personal environments. Often, these connected devices lack a cohesive strategy for securing them against malicious incursions. Let IOActive help you formulate and execute a cohesive IoT strategy.

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Enterprise IoT Services

  • Hardware/ Software/ Firmware Services: Testing and Assurance
  • Cloud Security Architecture Services: Assessment and Protection
  • Enterprise Deployment Services: Assurance/ Integration Strategy Assessment
  • Infrastructure Control Services: Testing/ Adversary Attack Pattern Simulation

Technology Vendor IoT Services

  • Hardware/ Software/ Firmware Services:Testing and assurance
  • Vendor Security Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) Services: Incorporating Security into the Development Life-cycle (S-SDLC)
  • Software/ Firmware Services: Update Process and Procedure Development
  • Early Stage Assistance Services: Align Baseline Security with Rapid Go-to-Market Needs
  • Vulnerability/ Threat Services: In-depth Research

Physical and Cyber Hacking of IoT

Significant numbers of IoT devices are not being used with security in mind. Many are publically located or easily available for physical access. This makes them targets for capable attackers seeking to steal a single unit to physically analyze their components; facilitating advanced, compound hacks spanning both the physical and cyber environments.

Access to a device enables skilled attackers to strip down and reverse engineer components, allowing them to expand their attack surface to firmware and logic circuits, providing multiple attack vectors for exploitation.

Not only does security need to be incorporated into the everyday operation of IoT devices, it is equally vital to include security concerns early during the device design and manufacturing process.

Full Chip-to-Code Security Assurance

When attackers are capable of reverse engineering physical components, no mapping of the threat landscape is complete without a laboratory staffed with world-class researchers, well-practiced in thinking like attackers.

Whether you are a technology vendor needing to reassess your Security Development Life Cycle (SDLC) procedures; a start-up rushing out your first app or device; or a mature enterprise with multiple cyber and physical IT security concerns; you need a research-driven information security services firm with a history of securing our clients through comprehensive security assessments and real-world scenario testing. Our world-renowned consulting and research teams deliver a portfolio of cyber and physical security services ranging from penetration testing and application code assessment to chip reverse engineering—covering the full spectrum of chip to code security assurance.  

Discover your vulnerabilities before anyone else does. Contact our security analysts today. 

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