The modern enterprise’s success depends on the security of its infrastructure. A secure environment is the cornerstone of protecting systems, data, and applications, as well as complying with a myriad of international, federal, and state laws. For decades, enterprises have depended on defense-in-depth strategies to cope with an evolving threat landscape. Unfortunately, layering so many defenses on top of one another has not only become unmanageable but, in fact, a liability. Skilled attackers can increasingly use layered defenses against the organizations that employ them. Let IOActive apply a “hacker’s eye view” and identify the issues that undermine your organization’s ability to detect and act on an attack in progress.

IOActive’s services are designed to ensure the security of your organization’s critical infrastructure. We have deep experience in conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration tests (pen tests), and architectural reviews. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants collaborate with you to build on your existing internal policies. We will help you incorporate leading industry practices and standards and align them with applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.

Understanding the importance of a secure infrastructure, IOActive goes far beyond commodity scans. Our infrastructure assessment identifies weak and high-risk areas in your infrastructure and produces a roadmap for effectively addressing your exposures. We perform detailed technical reviews and produce comprehensive reports to outline current and desired states, corresponding gap analysis, and detailed recommendations.

After we pinpoint the source of risks and exposures, we educate you on how to better protect your organization in the future. Our approach is designed specifically to encourage knowledge transfer and empower you to confidently reduce your security exposures.

Vulnerability Assessment
IT infrastructures are built on a wide variety of components, each of which has its own unique risks. IOActive consultants are skilled in many disciplines and understand the impact of each component type on an organization’s security posture. IT infrastructures are dynamic. Regular assessments are crucial to identify system changes that could result in increased exposure and new targets that require attention.

IOActive’s vulnerability assessments involve comprehensively examining the current state of your organization’s IT infrastructure. We evaluate the efficacy of your existing security controls and identify the methods an attacker could use to gain access. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients and assist them in ensuring the safety and security of their IT infrastructure as it evolves.

Our consultants are experts at configuring and maintaining Active Directory, TACACS+, DHCP, MRTG, NTP, FTP, SSH, IAS, RADIUS, Cisco CallManager, and CiscoWorks servers.

Firewall Ruleset Review
Firewalls serve as one of the first lines of defense against an external attacker. If your first line of defense is weak, you face considerable risk of being compromised. During a firewall ruleset review, IOActive performs a line-by-line analysis of your firewall’s configuration. We base our review on the practices of the Center for Internet Security, NIST, and the United States Department of Defense (DoD), as well as vendor-specific guidelines.

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