The spectrum of threats your organization faces is evolving and growing. Information technology solutions are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly depend on a complex network of devices and data stores. The result is that the attack surface for causing disruption and financial harm to your business is also expanding.

Each year hundreds of new attack tools are created, thousands of new vulnerabilities are disclosed, and millions of malware variants are released. Each one has the capability of overwhelming the defenses of your organization. Does your organization have the resources or technical depth to sift through today’s catalogue of threats and forecast which will be prevalent in six months’ time?

Move Beyond the Tactical
IOActive’s security intelligence is a new security service designed to provide truly actionable intelligence on how the threats that are likely to affect you are evolving and how attackers will use them against your organization. By moving beyond daily feeds and threat statistics and applying a hackers-eye to new exploits, businesses can attain a strategic view of the battle field and make informed, risk-based decisions.

Actionable Information
IOActive’s security intelligence service was designed from the ground up to arm clients with the intelligence they need to make informed security decisions and take actionable steps to counter the next category of attack or attacker.


  • Gain an attacker’s view of the threat spectrum—provided by acknowledged experts
  • Gain insight into exploit techniques and attack viability
  • Get clear and actionable analysis of security flaws and attack vectors that allow security teams to plan responses rather than react
  • Get projections and forecasts of attack or evasion technique adoption
  • Obtain a preview of pending vulnerabilities and original research conducted by IOActive Labs
  • Gain direct and interactive access to IOActive Labs core researchers

IOActive’s security intelligence service is tailored by vertical to your industry. Our subject matter experts analyze the latest threats, attack tools, exploit techniques, and disclosures, and incorporate their findings into highly focused briefings that explain exploitation trends for both management and technical levels.

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