Securing Connected Transportation Systems

Modern transportation is powered by increasingly complex and connected digital technology, creating dynamic interdependent ecosystems. From the satellite communications that play a vital role in modern transportation, to the planes, ships, cars, and motorcycles the satellites monitor and communicate with, each piece requires real-world cybersecurity experience to accurately evaluate its security posture.

Comprehensive Transportation Security Services

IOActive is a world leader in research-driven security services, and one of a select few companies offering full vehicle and transportation system cyber-physical security assessments. We pioneered connected automotive security and have since evolved our service offerings to include all connected transportation—from automobiles and motorcycles to airplanes, trains, and ships.

With our state-of-the-art hardware labs dedicated to exploring methods for better securing connected vehicles and transportation systems, we provide comprehensive experience identifying interrelated transportation cybersecurity issues. To discuss your specific transportation security requirements, contact IOActive today.

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