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Disclosures | ADVISORIES | January 17, 2020

Android (AOSP) TV Provider SQL Injection in Query Projection Parameter (CVE-2019-2211)

A malicious application without any granted permission could retrieve all entries from the TV Provider internal database, bypassing all currently implemented access control mechanisms by exploiting an SQL injection in the projection parameter. The information retrieved from this provider may include personal and potentially sensitive information about other installed applications and user preferences, habits, and activity, such as available channels and programs, watched programs, recorded programs, and titles in the “watch next” list.

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Daniel Kachakil
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | October 24, 2019

Buffer Overflow, Cross-Site Scripting / Request Forgery, URI Injection, Insecure SSH Key Exchange in Antaira LMX-0800AG

(eight advisories in document) Antaira’s firmware version 3.0 for the LMX-0800AG switch (among other supported devices) is affected by a memory corruption vulnerability when processing cookies. An unauthenticated attacker could leverage the vulnerability to take full control over the switch. It is also affected by a memory corruption vulnerability when processing ioIndex GET parameter values. An attacker with valid credentials for the web interface could leverage the vulnerability to take full control of the switch. Antaira’s firmware version 3.0 for the LMX-0800AG switch (among other supported devices) is affected by…

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Alexander Bolshev & Tao Sauvage
Library | WHITEPAPER | August 7, 2019

Arm IDA and Cross Check: Reversing the 787’s Core Network

In 2008, the Dreamliner was presented as the world’s first e-Enabled commercial airplane. Boeing certainly introduced an impressive new set of functionalities, enabling the vast majority of the components to be highly integrated with and connected to regular systems, such as onboard maintenance, data-load, and the Crew Information System. IOActive has documented our detailed attack paths and component vulnerabilities to describe the first plausible, detailed public attack paths to effectively reach the avionics network on a commercial airplane from either non-critical domains, such as Passenger Information and Entertainment Services, or…

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Ruben Santamarta
Blogs | EDITORIAL | July 17, 2019

Supply Chain Risks Go Beyond Cyber: Focus on Operational Resilience

In this first, of a two-part blog series on supply chain, I’ll discuss the security and operational risk in today’s supply chain. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen the globalization of the supply chain and a significant movement to disperse supply chains outside national borders. With this globalization comes many supply chain risks — risks that go beyond just cyber attacks and demonstrate a need for stronger operational resilience. Most organizations want to take advantage of tariff treaties and overall cost savings by outsourcing the manufacturing and production of…

John Sheehy
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | June 17, 2019

Configuration Shell Escape injecting OS/IPV6 commands, and HTML Injection in LLDP Packet System Name Field Leading to Persistent Cross-site Scripting in Antaira LMX-0800AG

(two advisories in document) An authenticated malicious user with access to the web interface (with manager privileges) or via SSH/Serial connection (with enable/config privileges) can inject Operating System (OS) commands in ipv6 commands, which will be executed with root privileges on the switch. An unauthenticated attacker located in an adjacent network could send malicious Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) packets containing JavaScript code embedded in the System Names attribute. It should be noted that LLDP discovery is not enabled by default in firmware v2.8.

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Alexander Bolshev
Disclosures | ADVISORIES | May 23, 2019

ASUS – ZenUI Launcher AppLockReceiver | AppLockProvider Exposed

(2) A malicious application without any permission could remove applications and gain read and write access from the list of locked applications configured in AppLock, therefore bypassing the security pattern configured by the user to protect them. (two advisories in document)

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Tao Sauvage
Blogs | RESEARCH | April 25, 2019

Internet of Planes: Hacking Millionaires’ Jet Cabins

The push to incorporate remote management capabilities into products has swept across a number of industries. A good example of this is the famous Internet of Things (IoT), where modern home devices from crockpots to thermostats can be managed remotely from a tablet or smartphone. One of the biggest problems associated with this new feature is a lack of security. Unfortunately, nobody is surprised when a new, widespread vulnerability appears in the IoT world. However, the situation becomes a bit more concerning when similar technologies appear in the aviation sector….

Daniel Martinez

Biometric Security: Facial Recognition Testing

IOActive has conducted extensive research and testing of facial recognition systems on commercial mobile devices. Our testing included setups for 2D- and 3D-based algorithms, including technologies using stereo IR cameras. Discovering the underlying algorithms to find setups to bypass them, then calculating the Spoof Acceptance Rate (SAR).