INSIGHTS | April 19, 2024

Lessons Learned and S.A.F.E. Facts Shared During Lisbon’s OCP Regional Summit

I don’t recall precisely what year the change happened, but at some point, the public cloud became critical infrastructure with corresponding high national security stakes. That reality brought rapid maturity and accompanying regulatory controls for securing and protecting the infrastructure and services of cloud service providers (CSPs).

Next week at the 2024 OCP Regional Summit in Lisbon, teams will be sharing new security success stories and diving deeper into the technical elements and latest learnings in securing current generation cloud infrastructure devices. IOActive will be present throughout the event, delivering new insights related to OCP S.A.F.E. and beyond.

First thing Thursday morning (April 25, 8:50am – 9:10am | Floor 1 – Auditorium IV | Security and Data Protection track), our suave Director of Services, Alfredo Pironti, and rockstar senior security consultant and researcher, Sean Rivera, will present “Recent and Upcoming Security Trends in Cloud Low-level Hardware Devices,” where they dive deep into a new survey of real-world security issues and flaws that IOActive has encountered over recent years.

I’m lucky enough to have had a preview of the talk, and I’m confident it will open attendees’ eyes to the types of systemic vulnerabilities specialized security testing can uncover. Sean and Alfredo share these new insights on the threats associated with NVMe-based SSD disks and SR-IOC enabled cards before covering recommendations on improving secure development processes and proposing new testing scope improvements.

Shortly afterwards on Thursday (April 25, 9:55am – 10:15am | Floor 1 – Auditorium IV | Security and Data Protection track), Alfredo Pironti will be back on stage for a panel session focused on “OCP S.A.F.E. Updates” where he, along with Alex Tzonkov of AMD and Eric Eilertson of Microsoft, will discuss the latest progress and innovations behind the OCP S.A.F.E. program. I think a key component of the panel discussion will be the learnings and takeaways from the firsthand experiences of early adopters. You know how it goes…the difference between theory and practice.

I’m pretty sure both sessions will be recorded, so folks that can’t make it to lovely Lisbon this time round should be able to watch these IOActive stars present and share their knowledge and insights in the days or weeks following the OCP summit. You’ll find more information about OCP S.A.F.E. and how IOActive has been turning theory into practice on our OCP S.A.F.E. Certified Assessor page.

Both Alfredo and Sean, along with a handful of other IOActive folks, will be present throughout the Lisbon summit. Don’t be shy, say hi!