CONFERENCE | May 17, 2019

Jennifer Steffens a panelist at the ISSA Los Angeles Chapter’s upcoming Summit XI: Women in Security Track

Paying It Forward: Cultivating a New Cybersecurity Workforce

Women and minorities constitute half of technology users, making it only natural for current cybersecurity professionals to look to them as the next generation to carry the torch. Not only is it important to have a cybersecurity workforce that reflects the diversity of its tech users, but also it is a necessity to pursue at a time when both the growth and the talent shortage of the industry are at an all-time high. In order to obtain and mentor this next generation of skilled, ambitious young people, we must put in the work and pass on what we have learned to them. Join our conversation as our panel of leading security executives discuss how to develop and cultivate this next generation workforce and how to locate and inspire them. They will also share their personal success stories and insights on how to make new connections as well as tips for expanding your professional network.

Panel discussion: 11:50am–12:40pm, PST