IOActive Research & Trends Webinar Series

February 5th, 4 PM GMT

Vehicle Security Webinar

Attend our Life in the Fast Lane webinar, Feb. 5th @ 4 PM GMT

Today’s vehicles are complex digital devices that require real-world cyber security strategies to head off attacks before they happen. IOActive helped pioneer vehicle security research and the vehicle security development lifecycle (VSDL). We have a deep and comprehensive understanding of automotive security grounded in our years of research and hands-on experience working with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, OEMs, and aftermarket suppliers.

In this 30-minute webinar, presented by Chris Valasek, director of vehicle security research for IOActive, attendees will get a better understanding of:

  • The state of today’s automotive cybersecurity
  • What’s really at risk
  • How you can implement the VSDL to further reduce your security risk

Space is limited so please register to attend  today.