Maritime Security Assurance

IOActive provides services to evaluate the security posture of multiple systems and devices that are part of a modern integrated bridge and engine room, usually found onboard cargo vessels and cruise ships. 


Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Consoles

  • RF security
  • OTA firmware updates and management protocols
  • Wired communications (CAN, Ethernet )

Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

  • Data acquisition and communication interfaces
  • Configuration and management interfaces
  • Hardware security
  • Anti-tampering protections
  • Data forensic

Satellite Data and Crew Internet

  • SATCOM integration
  • Separation of critical and noncritical communications
  • Penetration testing of wired and wireless communications

Automatic Identification System (AIS)/ Navigation Systems

  • RF analysis
  • Hardware analysis
  • Patches and updates
  • Anti-spoofing protection

Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)

  • Firmware reverse engineering and source code review
  • Data loading
  • Firmware and chart updates services
  • Communication interfaces

Engine Control Room/ Engine/ Bunker/ Ballast/ Electrical Control Systems

  • Industrial control systems penetration testing
  • End-to-end cyber-physical penetration testing
  • Isolation, maintenance, and updates
  • Testing third-party integration

Container Management Systems

  • Container tracking
  • Wireless communications
  • M2M integration


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