• 2007

    IOActive was founded 1998
  • 2008

    Microsoft SDL Pioneer Partner
  • 2009

    1st Smart Grid POC Worm
    Conficker Worm Scanner
    Cloud Security
    Digital Certificates
  • 2010

    Critical Infrastructure
    Automated Malware Analysis
    IOActive Labs Formed
    ATM Security
  • 2011

    Argeniss Acquired
    Cesar Cerrudo Named CTO of Labs
    Released AndBug for Android
    Social Engineering
    Mobile Security
  • 2012

    Flylogic & Blockwatch Acquired
    POS Systems
    TPM Insecurities
    Windows Kernel Exploitation
    Red Teaming
    Industrial Control System Backdoors
  • 2013

    Medical Devices
    Emergency Alerting System Vulns
    Launch of Sec Intel Services
    Automobile Hacking
    Industrial Wireless Automation
  • 2014

    Cloud Forensics Techniques
    Home Automation
    Traffic Control Systems
    Windows Kernel
    Hardware Hacking Lab Expansion
  • 2015

    Remote Exploitation of Automobiles

    1.4 Million Cars Recalled
    Securing Smart Cities Initiative Launched
    Satellite TV Receivers

    DCS, PCS, ICS, and SCADA Switches
    EEG Devices
    Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

    Chemical Process Hacking
  • 2016

    Content Management System

    Electroencephalography (EEG)
    Wireless Alarm System
    Silicon Hacking
    IP Cameras

    WiFi Routers
    XML Schemas
    In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE)
  • 2017

    Robotics Hacking

    Confidential Messaging Vulnerability Research
    Prefetch Vulnerability Research